Name: Smells Like Bean Spiritsmells-like-bean-spirit
Brewery: Mikerphone Brewing
Style: Stout
ABV: 8.5%
IBU: ??

Beer Advocate: No Score Yet/100
Rate Beer: No Score Yet/100
Untappd: 3.93/5

Chicagos.Beer Rating: 4.75/5
A breakfast stout with coffee and maple syrup. There is nothing to dislike if you like that combo. It’s like a Founders CBS with out the barrel or their breakfast stout with a hint of maple. Really solid brew all around. I am looking forward to the next time they make this (along with their new recipe).

Availability: Batch number two just hits the shelves…now with a bit more maple. Go and buy it NOW!

Buy It Again: Oh yes!

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