Name: Neckbeard Nectarneckbeard_nectar
Brewery: Transient Artisan Ales^
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 13%
IBU: ??

Beer Advocate: 91/100
Rate Beer: No Score Yet/100
Untappd: 4.16/5

Chicagos.Beer Rating: 4.75/5
Cinnamon, coconut, molasses, oh my! I adore this brew. Straight up delightful and complex. I swear it was almost like drinking a couple different beers as it warmed in my snifter. I am so glad I got another for my cellar. I can’t wait to crack it open!

Availability: Special Release
Buy It Again: YES YES YES!

^ Transient Artisan Ales has since relocated to Bridgman, Michigan.

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