We’ve got some great volunteers here at BreweryFinder.org and we want to showcase those that do work behind the scenes around here.This is our fourth volunteer profile to be shared on the blog. It is a quick public thank-you to them for all that they do, and a way to let our users connect with them on a personal level.

Name: Benjamin Bloom (@benjaminbloom

What’s the beer that got you into craft?
My beer odyssey started with mostly European beers which I enjoyed in beer gardens in New York City.  Czechvar, Staropramen from eaastern Europe and drifting into Belgians like Leffe and La Chouffe.

Do you have a go-to style or beer? American IPA

Do you have a cool beer-related experience to share?
I work in digital marketing and I met the digital marketing team from Stone Brewery at an industry event. We had a beer at the bar, and we (all three of us) ordered the Mike Hess Red IIPA – so I knew I was on to something.

What do you do professionally (so you can buy/make beer)?
Digital strategy consultant.

Do you homebrew?
No, I’ll stick to drinking and grilling!

Do you have a favorite brewery?
Current favorite is Figueroa Mountain, but being from San Diego – so many great choices.

Do you do beer-cations?
One day!

Have any bucket list breweries/beer cities?
I want to go back to Portland, OR. I was there for work a few years ago and didn’t spend enough time sampling the local scene. I also want to spend more time in the LA Scene: Escondido Brewing Company, Figueroa Mountain, and more!

Who is your favorite beer related personality?
Beer Sessions Radio host Jimmy Carbone

What is it about beer (culture, community, science, etc) that makes it important for you?
I am addicted to things made by craftsmen, with detail, art and passion.

If you could have a pub session with anyone in the beer industry, who would you sit with and why?
Stone founder Greg Koch about digital marketing. Or Industrial Arts Founder Jeff Oneill.

What is the oddest/most interesting beer you’ve ever had?
I’ve had amazing unreleased beers at Stone Brewing Liberty Station: to date my favorite is Hop Squander; precise recipe unknown, it’s the hops left over from other experimental beers.

Why did you become a BreweryFinder.org Volunteer?
I’m all about bringing new people to breweries and getting more people to experience the stuff that doesn’t make it into bottles or cans.

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