We’ve got some great volunteers here at BreweryFinder.org and we want to showcase those that do work behind the scenes around here.This is our third volunteer profile to be shared on the blog. It is a quick public thank-you to them for all that they do, and a way to let our users connect with them on a personal level.

Name: David Brauneis (@dbrauneis)

What’s the beer that got you into craft? I worked in a pub which featured microbrew and import beers in the mid-1990s and that started it all for me. The pub featured English beers like Samuel Smiths, German beers like Pinkus, and American microbrews like Catamount/Sierra Nevada/Sam Adams.

Do you have a go-to style or beer? Stouts – I’ve always been a big fan of stouts, pretty much any of the sub-styles as well as barrel-aged versions.

Do you have a cool beer-related experience to share?
Having gotten the chance to travel the world in a previous career, I got the chance to spend a week in Düsseldorf and got to visit and try almost all of the altbiers made there with a really good friend.

What do you do professionally (so you can buy/make beer)?
Stay-at-home Dad – formerly a technology executive/software architect & designer/software engineer.

Do you do beer-cations or other beer-related travel?
Not really but I do investigate the places I visit ahead of time to find my best options for beer and/or breweries to try when visiting.

Do you have a bucket list beer?
Founders CBS, Cigar City Good Gourd, and Russian River Pliny the Younger.

Have any bucket list breweries/beer cities?
San Diego, CA and Grand Rapids, MI in the US.

Who is your favorite beer related personality?
Micheal Jackson (probably the first beer expert I was aware of).

What is it about beer (culture, community, science, etc) that makes it important for you?
As someone with a science background and that really enjoys cooking, I appreciate the hard work that goes into building the flavor profiles and creating the beers but I think the thing I enjoy most about beer is the community and the culture surrounding it.

If you could have a pub session with anyone in the beer industry, who would you sit with and why?
Ken Grossman from Sierra Nevada – I would love to hear about his experiences in growing his brewery as the microbrew/craft beer movement really took off in the US.

What is the oddest/most interesting beer you’ve ever had?
The oddest beer that I have ever tried is probably Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer – it really had a lot of the flavors of pizza and while a little gimicky was interesting.

Why did you become a BreweryFinder.org Volunteer?
I enjoy giving back to the beer community and it seemed like an interesting opportunity to give back (I’m also active and a volunteer on another beer site). If you have the time and the interest, I would definitely suggest volunteering to help get proper representation to your local region on the site.

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