Welcome to our second volunteer profile to be shared on the blog. We’ve got some great volunteers here at BreweryFinder.org and we want to showcase those that do work behind the scenes around here. This is just a quick public thank-you to them for all that they do, and a way to let our users connect with them on a personal level.

Name: Kevin Zelenka (@Spike)

What’s the beer that got you into craft? Craft beers were unheard of when I started drinking, so I think it was the distribution of some of the wares of the Craft Beer Founding Fathers that really made me aware of what was coming available to the beer-drinking world. Breweries like Sierra Nevada and Anchor Brewing, both out of California, really opened my eyes to what was on the horizon.. Even local favorites, like Summit and Leinenkugel really helped me realize that a person didn’t have to drink the swill that the Macros made.

Do you have a go-to style or beer? Porters, for sure. (But I’ll try almost anything!)

Do you have a cool beer-related experience to share?
I don’t know if there’s just one story to tell, or even where to start. Let’s just say: Good friends. Bonfire. Beach. Fresh caught lobster. And a lot of Rolling Rock. (I know, right?)

What do you do professionally (so you can buy/make beer)?
Freelance writer, Aspiring author, and full time father.

Do you homebrew? No time to home brew, but I’ve enjoyed “sampling” beers that friends have made.

Do you do beer-cations?
It’s never been the reason to travel, but traveling for other reasons has never deterred me from stopping by a local brewery for lunch/dinner and a flight.

Do you have a bucket list beer?
Sadly, no. However, I would like to start tracking the beers I’ve tried, and mark off the states they’ve come from. Maybe shoot for a beer from all 50?

Have any bucket list breweries/beer cities?
I was surprised at the number of micros that have popped up in my birth state of Minnesota. I’d love to spend an afternoon (or a couple…lol) hitting up several of the many that are located just around Minneapolis/St Paul.

Who is your favorite beer related personality?
This may be going back to before some of you were born… Bob Uecker.

What is it about beer (culture, community, science, etc) that makes it important for you?
Beer (and not just beer, all alcohol) is social. It brings people together. People drink when they want to get excited about something, and they drink to calm down. It’s both for celebratory times, and to drown your sorrows.

If you could have a pub session with anyone in the beer industry, who would you sit with and why?
I know of 4 people right now that I’d love to get alone in a brewery or in a backyard around a fire, and talk with. They aren’t big industry leaders. Two are huge beer fans. One works at a brewery in his home state of Colorado, and the last is a home brewer that I really respect.

What is the oddest/most interesting beer you’ve ever had?

Why did you become a BreweryFinder.org Volunteer?
Because I know the founders, and am excited to share what my state has to offer.

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