Welcome to our first (of many) volunteer profiles to be shared on the blog. We’ve got some great volunteers here at BreweryFinder.org. These features will be showcasing those that do work behind the scenes around here and publicly thank them for all that they do. First up is Kristance from Michigan.

kristanceName: Kristance (@freckleandfox)

What’s the beer that got you into craft? New Holland’s “The Poet”

Do you have a go-to style or beer? Stouts!

Do you have a cool beer-related experience to share?
Sharing my love of Craft Beer with my Fiancé Chris! We both prefer Stouts (He loves Founder’s Breakfast Stout) We love drinking beer together, and cooking with it too! Local craft brews make our world go ’round.

What do you do professionally (so you can buy/make beer)?
Right now, I’m a stay-at-home mom of 3 wonderful kids. I volunteer at the elementary school my kids attend 4 days a week. Previously, I worked 8 years as a pharmacy technician.

Do you homebrew?
I don’t currently homebrew, but once our basement remodel is finished we will finally have room to start!

Do you have a favorite MI brewery?
All of our local breweries are so wonderful that it’s hard to pick just one! Bells and New Holland are probably my top two!

Do you do beer-cations?
Does Beer date night count? ?

Do you have a bucket list beer?
Dark Lord by Three Floyd’s Brewery

Have any bucket list breweries/beer cities?
Dogfish Head

Who is your favorite beer related personality?
I find Jason Momoa’s unyielding obsession with Guinness to be pretty amazing.

What is it about beer (culture, community, science, etc) that makes it important for you?
For me, the community is the most important part. Craft Beer drinkers are amazingly inviting, with warm personalities and open hearts.

If you could have a pub session with anyone in the beer industry, who would you sit with and why?
I’d love to sit down with Laura Bell, of Bell’s Brewery! I would love to know what it’s like to be a woman in the beer business, and what it is like to be Head of Marketing at Bell’s.

What is the oddest/most interesting beer you’ve ever had?
Bell’s Brewery Sweet Potato Stout on Nitro. It was AMAZING.

Why did you become a BreweryFinder.org Volunteer?
I became a BreweryFinder volunteer because I have a passion for Craft Beer and the Craft Beer Community! Being friends with Joel is also a plus.

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