We’ve got some great volunteers here at BreweryFinder.org and we want to showcase those that do work behind the scenes around here. This is our fifth volunteer profile to be shared on the blog. It is a quick public thank-you to them for all that they do, and a way to let our users connect with them on a personal level.

Name: Steve Held (@steve_held)

What’s the beer that got you into craft?
Locally, it was Schlafly Pale Ale in 1991. My beer education started in earnest in 1984 when I lived in Belgium for a summer.

Do you have a go-to style or beer? Saisons and Farmhouse are my favorite styles – though I’ll try just about anything for research’s sake.

Do you have a cool beer-related experience to share?
On the second date with the love of my life I “converted” her when I ordered (and gave her a taste) of a Saison de Lis by Perennial.

What do you do professionally (so you can buy/make beer)?
I work in education administration.

Do you homebrew?
Tried homebrewing a while back – prefer to enjoy the fruits of others’ labors.

Do you have a favorite brewery?
More like favorites, I guess. The St. Louis area is home to plenty of great places.

Do you do beer-cations?
We try to hit the road from time to time visiting regional breweries.

Have any bucket list breweries/beer cities?
Austin. Denver. Chicago. Asheville. I still have great options in St. Louis and Southern Illinois that need to be visited, too.

Who is your favorite beer related personality?
Good brewers!

What is it about beer (culture, community, science, etc) that makes it important for you?
Culture and community are first. Supporting local craftsmen and women is our first priority.

If you could have a pub session with anyone in the beer industry, who would you sit with and why?
I’d like to enjoy a brew with Jim Koch and the late Michael Jackson (the Beer Hunter).

What is the oddest/most interesting beer you’ve ever had?
Probably just about anything from Scratch Brewery in Ava, Illinois. Lots of out there styles and combinations.

Why did you become a BreweryFinder.org Volunteer?
I’m just starting to help out the folks at Brewery Finder. Looking forward to contributing when and where I can.

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