My Uber had a tough time finding this out of the way place. In fact he dropped us off about a block away. After I wandered a bit and found Diamondback, I was treated to a cozy little den of brewing goodness. The venue has some great outdoor space as well as a hip vibe for the interior. Lots of traffic, even on a weeknight. I watched a many a patron appear and fill their growlers and head out the door after a quick drink.


All of the brews I had were good. The Cold Taxi (a lager) was hoppy and refreshing. The Omar (pale), Green Machine (IPA), and Lens Crater (IPA) were all solid, the IPAs being incredibly fresh and dank. The Berry Sour Dave was a standout for me. Sufficiently sour, and refreshingly fruity, the Dave was a wonderful pour to finish out the night. Kudos to the barkeep for knowing a great order for drinking their line-up. Overall, this is a great spot to spend some time and just hang out.


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