Milwaukee Brewing Company is launching something new this week. They are calling it the MKE Brewing Crate Club. All members of the newly forming crate club will be invited to the brewery once a month to fill their crate with various available bottles depending on seasonal availability.

“Different bottled product varieties will be available each month,” according to the press release, “and may include occasional offerings from the destination local series.”

The club officially kick-offs this Wednesday, May 23rd 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at their 2nd St location. MKE will be running either beer bottling or canning production during this first event, so fans will have the unique opportunity to see the brewery up and running!

The Crate Club will allow the brewery avoid wasteful packaging and other materials, and will pass along savings directly to the customers.

In support of the values Milwaukee Brewing Co. (MKE) was founded on the MKE Brewing Crate Club is a continuation of the brewery’s, “Green Brewing” initiatives, and allows MKE to avoid wasteful packaging, fuel and other materials by providing bottled product straight off the line. Founder and Ceo, Jim McCabe describes the program as, “The build-a-crate program reflects back to a time when recycling was part of life.  Returnable glass in permanent crates…that is how beverages made it to your grandparent’s home.  Every grocery store…where today the charcoal and pet food is stacked…in the past had stacks of returnable cases headed back to a brewery or soda plant.”

McCabe continues, “Our plastic crates are custom made for Milwaukee Brewing Co using as much recycled plastic as possible.  We want you to get in the habit of shopping for beer like you would shop at a farmers market…select what you want, fresh, direct from the source.  Of course, this reduces packaging and ink impact on the environment.  More importantly to me, you select FRESH beer, in the mix you will enjoy and use in a timely way.”

Customers interested in becoming a Crate Club member, will need to purchase a recycled MKE Brewing crate at this month’s event for $5, and will gain access to all monthly Crate Club events to fill up their crate with 20 of the available bottles for just $15.

Member benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • $5 Per Crate (each crate holds 20 bottles of beer)
  • Fill up your crate with 20 of the available bottles for just $15
  • Access to limited release beers
  • Unique merch/apparel throughout the year
  • Bring your MKE crate back and re-use each month
  • Go Green with MKE!

“The build-a-Crate is like bulk shopping in an organic store…fresh and great values.  We pass along the savings of packaging and shipping costs to you, and you get. EXACTLY what you want. You can mix the flavors that make sense to you.” – Jim McCabe

Milwaukee Brewing Company is a Craft Brewery located in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin founded on the principles of crafting and creating beers using the best local ingredients and suppliers in a sustainable, creative, and innovative environment. Currently operating two breweries, Milwaukee Brewing Company has begun construction on a third brewery due to the rising demand for Milwaukee Brewing Company beers.

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