Bottle shares are part of the lifeblood of BBC. They start around 9am around the tables. People bring their regional favorites, special releases, and whales. It’s not uncommon to spot a 3 Floyds Dark Lord being poured at 9:07am or a Cantillion Pepe Lou being shared after a delightful lunch. It’s surreal and delicious and you learn a lot about what your new friends drink. What to try a Cucumber Lime Gose from Nickel Brook Brewing? Pick a table. Want to try some Dangerous Man Peanut Butter Porter? Look to your left. It’s an embarrassment of riches in liquid form. You really do need pace your self or you won’t make it to dinner.

At one particular share in the group, Frank Boon (yup, the Frank Boon from Brouweriji Boon), pulled out a full set of the Lambics they make to share with all.

And if were not enough, there are bottle shares after hours (or after bar hopping). One particular night a group of us got together and began pouring. It’s a bit scary how fast you can go through a cooler of bottles when you have a group. What I will say is that 9am comes early the next day if you bottle share goes late.

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