One of the most intense events at the Beer Bloggers Conference is the Lightning Bottle Share. You get a pile of breweries to all come and you try a different samples. Here’s the rub though, each brewery gets about 5 minutes to tell you about the beer, what your tasting, some features of who they are, etc. A different beer every five minutes for an hour.

Here’s a taste of what it was like in 360 degrees. We didn’t get the whole session, but hope to do so this year.

What I learned the hard way was that you don’t have to drink every pour. In fact, you probably shouldn’t drink every pour. As the bottle share went on, it became harder and harder to remember all the breweries and their beers. We got to try beers from big brewers Deschutes and Rogue; local Milwaukee favorites like Lakefront and MKE Brewing; as well as some much smaller locals like Westallion and D14. This was definitely a highlight of the event for me.

Milwaukee Brewing Company

Westallion Brewing

Rogue Brewing

D14 Brewing 

Potosi Brewing 

Pabst Brewery (reviving Ballantine)

Founders Brewing 

Deschutes Brewing

Lakefront Brewing 


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