The Beer Bloggers Conference is all about beer shockingly. It’s not about the drinking (though the beer flows). You can learn about the industry or how the economics of being a mid-level brewery going to the national scene happens. You can learn about how distribution reps work and the day to day hustle they do for space against the corporate brewing giants. You can delve into how the well know brewers go about their craft, how they got started, and what’s next for their brand. It’s all too much to take in at once, but the beauty is you get several days drink it all in.

BBC17 was hosted at Best Place (part of the Pabst Brewing complex—a serious part of Milwaukee’s brewing heritage). Check out the bar and taps in our meeting room.


Personal highlights of BBC17 for me was meeting Randy Mosher as he led a tasting class of some rare and ridiculous beers. It’s always cool to meeting someone as influential as Randy is in the home brewing world. Also—very friendly guy.


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