In a month, I’ll be heading out to the 2018 Beer Bloggers Conference in Loudon County, VA or BBC18. Last year was my first experience at the conference. I went on a whim because it was in my back yard in Milwaukee, WI. While I can’t capture the full experience, I’m going to try and recap the event and then the post event.

This year, BBC18 is having two pre-experiences, one at the new Guinness brewery near Baltimore, MD and the second at Dogfish Head (with Sam as our tour guide!!!). Plus there’s a post trip out and about in Richmond, VA with some amazing visits that ends up at Mekong, a regular top finisher of the best beer bars in America.

I’m salivating just thinking about all the amazing beer and of course the great people you get to experience the event with. So stay tuned for the next series of posts to get a glimpse of BBC17 as I get ready for BBC18 (or sign-up to go).

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