Some might call Bell’s Brewery the crown jewel of Michigan Beer. If not the crown jewel, it’s definitely a gem (sorry bout the pun). The Eccentric cafe is always busy and for good reason. In case you don’t like really good food, they have really good beer too.

The inside of the cafe is, well, eccentric. Weird, random stuff all over the walls. You can constantly find something new to examine and explore. And it gets better with beer.

One of my favorite things about the Bells Decor is the wall of license plates (all beer themed).

This trip to Bells, I sat outside and had some killer house BBQ. The beer I had was spectacular. Not only did I some of the standards, I had a ridiculous flight of tap room only barrel aged monsters. I was very thankful for my DD that day. Cherries, barrels, ales, and lagers…Oh My! I know it’s summer and I’m sitting outside, but damn was the BA Expedition stout good.

As you leave the cafe and recognize it’s time to go, you find this sad sign. All hail Bells and the eccentric cafe!

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