Muskegon gets overlooked when most people think Michigan Beer. Your loss if you skip Pigeon Hill Brewing. Located in the heart of the old harbor area, Pigeon Hill is in the center of a rebirth of a neighborhood. With some great brews (the Walter Blonde Ale and their Oatmeal Cream Pie), Pigeon Hill is constantly playing with new styles and blurring the boundaries of brewing. While there is no food here, you can always bring it in. The patio is my favorite place to sit in the summer, but when the main doors are open, the whole place feels like a biergarten.

This space is cool. Exposed brick, big open doors, great bar space, and big tables.

The beer is made just through those mystical doors!

Definitely a trendy spot, but totally worth the crowd for the tasty brews.

And this is what I like to call a good start to the evening.

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