We recently shared a post from Katherine June Valleau (Co-Founder, Exit Strategy Brewing) on our social channels. It resonated with a lot of people so we thought we’d share it here as well with a short Q & A about it with her.

What are you doing differently now than before the Covid19 thing started?

We are diligent cleaners to being with. With the Covid19 onslaught, we doubled down on an already rigorous cleaning schedule. We then put all silverware rolls, napkins and menus into sealed containers to limit exposure to air. We took away all table caddies and required gloves to be worn by our food runners and bussers.

Do you think you will continue any of those things once this passes?

I think we will continue to keep our tables free from caddies and will keep our food runners/bussers in gloves. We will also keep silverware rolls and napkins in sealed, sanitized bibs moving forward.

Are you putting anything on hold now (expansion plans, events, etc) because of this?

We have reschedule our private and semi-private events that were booked. We just finished some face lift projects on our exterior so we are caught up on any of those plans.

What made this disruption feel real to your business and why did you write the post?

I wrote the post because this is a thing that hits home like no other. Chris (husband/co-owner/brewer) and I have poured our whole selfs and every penny into Exit. To have it close, to see it dark at night cuts to our very core. I wrote the post as an outlet and to let folks no that there is no corporate name to hide behind – this is all about the humans that are running these businesses. We are hurt and scared and exhausted from the worry about how this will all shake out.

Will Exit Strategy get through this?

HELL YES WE WILL With every breath in me, I will pull that shop back to life when this is over and it will be better than ever. I think a lot of our brewery friends will make it through – IL has a huge beer community and a massively supportive consumer base. The comeback will a tough road, but I have faith that we’ll make it to the other side of this stronger than we were before.

*** Update from Facebook Comment Katherine Left ***

Quick note on a mistake I made:
I spoke in first-person about bringing the shop back from this stronger than ever, and I very much will…. BUT it needs to be known that I am nothing without my team and WE are working to make Exit the best it can be ?

This local independent brewery owner / brewer needs you to know some things:

“Let’s talk about how scary a corona related business interruption is to humans who have a hospitality business as their whole life.

I don’t care if you’re worked up over #Covid19 or not and I damn sure don’t care which side of the aisle you associate with. I do care about Exit Strategy Brewing Company with every last breath in my body and tonight I said out loud ‘We need a plan in case something bigger than us closes the doors’….(the village, county, state).

This is terrifying for us and for a lot of folks like us. This is the only thing on my mind and the minds of every brick and mortar indie business owner. We – that collective – can’t sleep and can’t really think about anything else.

The point, in my sleep-deprived state, is to cut your small business owner (SBO) friends some slack.

We are trying to: keep fears at bay, keep employees feeling safe and protected, keep the public feeling safe and protected, keep ourselves sane and calm, keep the doors open and keep our respective ships afloat. We are scared and worried – I know, every human being is – but we are next level frightened for the things we call our lives.

Check-in on your SBO friends and be patient – we are not ok.”

– Katherine June Valleau
Co-Founder, Exit Strategy Brewing