You need to check out Creston Brewery if you are in Grand Rapids. It’s just a cool place to drink some beer and sip away the day.

Creston is big on art, and the place is filled with beautiful creations. Everything thing from the murals to the flight holders tells you that everything here is done with care.

Check out this gorgeous mirror/tap handle set up

Creston is serious about beer. I mean check out the coaster below. I had the pleasure of being guided through Creston’s beer and culture by Brianne. She was brilliant and knowledgeable about the individual beers, styles, and the order to try them in. Brianne was hands down one of the most helpful berkeep that i’ve encountered.

This was one of my favorite pours, a coffee blonde. Smooth coffee and cream flavor with a perfect malt/hop balance. A crowler came with me for breakfast the next day (which was a great idea). Creston has a beer list that will satisfy any palate. You will not be disappointed with a visit here.

Look at these very cool flight holders!

Stamp #9