This is the original Mitten Brewing Company. And while you can visit them in Saugatuck or WAY up north, the original Mitten is my favorite. Located in an old engine house, the Mitten oozes with amazing charm. Do you like baseball? The Mitten has some amazing memorabilia (even if you aren’t a Tiger’s fan). This is another usual stop for me in GR because I can take my non-drinking dad for good food and memorabilia galore to talk about. The history contained in the building is staggering. The beer is above average and incredible refreshing, so just go to the Mitten and have a good time.

Hang out on the patio or on the roof and sip some beers and eat peanuts like you’re at a ballgame. Great ambience all around.

Excellent flights and food. Peanuts to keep you drinking.

Actual Tiger Stadium seats

Stamp #13