We’re currently amid a global pandemic (according to the World Health Organization) called Covid19. The world is dealing with it as best they can with some places on total lockdown and others operational with few restrictions. This means a couple of things:

1.) We could use your support. Many taprooms are closed and people in general are practicing social distancing. This means our site has seen a steep drop off in users recently. Many are avoiding the very places our site is hoping to help people gather. If you’d like to see us keep going please consider dropping a tip in the virtual tip jar of our co-founder to help cover our costs.

2.) Breweries still need your support. Many are independently owned and rely on the local community for their survival. Even though many taprooms are closed, brewery websites and many retail operations are still open for business. What can be purchased varies greatly from state to state in the US, but options often include gift cards, glass wear, apparel, and beer to go.

3.) Call ahead if you are going out. Our site is like a guidebook. We update things on a regular basis; however, we don’t have the staff resources to keep thousands of listings current with daily updates as this is an ongoing and fluctuating situation.

Eventually, this will all settle down and we’ll have a huge party to celebrate. Until then stay safe, stay stocked, and keep looking ahead. Cheers.