Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Paso Robles, CA, has released a 4 percent ABV 96 calories hazy IPA called Flyjack. They are describing it as “innovative hazy IPA for those seeking low-calorie options without sacrificing flavor.” This video has us convinced that we need to try it.

Flyjack is packed with a big hop aroma and has a true hazy IPA  flavor profile that is lush and full yet refreshingly crisp with hints of citrus. Flyjack is designed for drinkers who keep an active and healthy lifestyle, but don’t want to sacrifice flavor for fewer calories. The hazy IPA was built with big bold hops, including the new and powerful Strata hop, to deliver more aroma at lesser quantities. Flyjack uses an expressive yeast strain that heightens ester and fruit character to put body and flavor into the beer without adding calories.

Flyjack is now on sale and available in draft and six-pack can formats across Firestone Walker Brewery Company’s distribution footprint, which now includes California, Texas, and the Great Lakes, Mountain, Midwest, North East and Pacific Northwest regions.

You can read the full story of its creation at Have you had it? What did you think?