We’ve spent roughly the first two years of our brewery mapping project taking the slow route.

Building each brewery profile out to completion has taken an average of 20-40 minutes PLUS research time of sometimes several hours. This research included things like phone calls, emails, IMs, on-site visits, 360 photo shoots, Google Maps updates, etc.

This made our progress excruciatingly slow.

Over the course of our developing, networking, and expanding BreweryFinder.org it became clear in 2016 that we needed a new course of action. We tried a loosely structured volunteer program last year but were disappointed with the results. Life is busy and our project got pushed aside by most of those well-meaning folks after a very short time. We’re operating on a shoestring so providing salaries for these wonderful folks was out of the question.

We get it.

Between Jeremy and I, we’ve moved across state lines, changed jobs, gone back to school, and had several cross-country trips. This makes it easy for us to understand such priorities. Family and income take priority over our craft beer passion project.

That’s all this website will ever be if we keep building things slowly and let that BETA tag stay.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

2018 Means Growth For Us

We’ve tripled down on the site and our plans for it moving forward.

It may be a largely symbolic move, but we’re dropping the “BETA” tag from our project.

This means no more waiting to offer our site’s promotional abilities to breweries until we’re finished.

No more taking things slowly and playing it safe.

We’re making the build-out of the site take a top spot in our plans for this year. This means a quick build-out with minimal data first. That will solve our biggest pain point with any other directory out there. Offering a searchable and up-to-date map of every operating brewery in the US.

All 6,000+ of them.

The next round of updates will include full build-outs of profiles: cover images, video features, social media links, 360 tours, brewery descriptions, location reviews, etc. If a brewery wants to jump to the head of the line we’re offering feature profiles, review moderation and profile stats to interested breweries for a nominal fee.

The goal of the site is to be a free resource for anyone interested in craft beer. That means we will always offer a free membership level to allow craft beer drinkers to find, review and submit brewery details to the site.

The same goes for breweries. We will not exclude anyone because they can’t or won’t pay. That’s what others are doing and it is one of several reasons our directory is better.

We broke through the 2,000 brewery level
on our directory this past week.

That’s up from just 1,400 last month.

If you believe in this project like we do. Please consider backing us as a supporter.

Help us more quickly make BreweryFinder.org the definitive brewery directory resource we’re creating it to be.

Want to stay up to date with us as a company?

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– Joel Gratcyk (Co-Founder)
Penultimate Brews, LLC

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