We are excited about the launch of BreweryFinder.org today and hope you are as well. Our directory is still in beta, but has expanded to include every brewery in Illinois and Wisconsin. That brings our full number of listings to over 420 with several more in progress and opening soon. We’re also listing some cideries and meaderies and have a Friends page giving shout outs to some of our favorite beer blogs, bottle shops and other cool people not listed in our brewery network.

You may have noticed a few new features. These include a bookmark list for you to keep track of your favorite locations, clickable region breadcrumbs on listings to find other locations in a given geographic area and a new dog friendly tag. We will continue our 366 Days of Chicagos.Beer blog for the rest of 2016 and plan to introduce something new in 2017. Thanks for checking out the expanded new site and “Thank You” in advance for sending us your thoughts and bug reports in the future.

We want to make finding breweries easy no matter where someone is at and to that end are working on plans to expand beyond IL & WI. More on that in the coming week. For now, have fun exploring our local craft brews this summer. Cheers!