It can be mind-numbing to think about all the job sites that are out there. Just a couple of them are focused on beer and none of them are dead simple to use. We, at Penultimate Brews – makers of, started a curated brewery job board and weekly email list to cut through that noise and share just the good stuff.

What are some of the jobs that come to mind when hear brewery job opening? Things like brewer, bartender, and maybe a front of house manager may come to mind. There are so many more positions out there at breweries across the US though. Exciting positions as graphic designers, HR managers, electricians, payroll, packaging technicians, sensory coordinators, tour guides, brand managers, product managers, events coordinators, delivery technicians, IT support, website coordinators, content managers, chefs, and so many more.

Brewery.Work is the answer you’ve been waiting for in your job search. Every Monday morning (or occasionally the Tuesday after a holiday) an email goes out to our list of job seekers featuring around a dozen of the most interesting job posts out there in beer that week. The website is typically updated with 70-100 jobs throughout the week from breweries around the U.S. with a few cool opportunities thrown in from Canada and the EU.

It’s currently free for both job seekers and job posters. Go ahead, sign-up for the email list and check out the job board. You’ll be glad you did. There are some upgrade options for job posters who want to gain more attention.

We’ve got you covered if you prefer a LinkedIn Group or Facebook Group to follow the job openings too.


The Penultimate Brews Team