Thank you so much for helping us work out the bugs on our site while we are in still in beta. If you’ve made it to this page you are probably having trouble or have questions. Please contact our techie co-founder, Joel, with any issues you are having. We plan on expanding this list of FAQs as we move forward and see other any patterns developing. Cheers!

Q: I know of a brewery that isn’t listed. How can I tell you about it?
A: Visit out Submit Listing page and fill out all the applicable information.

Q: How do I get verified?
A: If you represent a brewery and would like to claim your profile simply create an account, surf to the profile you want to manage and click on “Claim Listing.” We’ll review the request and get back to you if we need any more information.

Q: Why don’t you have my favorite local bar/taproom/bottle shop/venue listed?
A: Our goal is extremely specific. If it’s a brewery we list it. If it isn’t we don’t. There are a few exceptions, but there are because of personal (non-sponsored) connections with have with these establishments. We also have a Beer Industry Friends page where some other non-breweries are listed.

Q: When are you coming to my state?
A: We’re just a couple of guys working on this site in our spare time. Our current plan includes adding Michigan and Ohio before 2017. Beyond that, we’re not 100% sure.

Q: How can this site be free?
A: We want our directory to be accessible to all. That means not charging for basic use, membership or listings. We are personally covering costs involved with running the site (hosting, promotions, research, code, etc). Eventually we’ll need to make the site at least a bit profitable (to cover our costs), but for now it’s 100% about helping expand the craft beer community among locals and travelers alike.

Q: I have a brewery/product I’d like you to feature on your blog. How can I make that happen?
A: We’d be happy to have beer shipped to us or arrange an onsite visit. Drop us a line for details.