The dawn of a new year has brought the addition of over 100 new listings to our site. These listings are from various areas around the country including Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan. Over the next few months you’ll see many more listings added and updated by our team. If you have a favorite brewery near you that isn’t listed yet, please add it to our directory.

We are proud to be an inclusive brewery directory that doesn’t require breweries to pay anything to be in our search results. This makes us a stand out option for those looking to see what all the craft beer industry has to offer. It is all about helping the community of craft beer for us. Want to contribute?

  • Own a brewery or work for one? Find your profile and claim it. There is no charge to do so and you’ll be able to update all your information in a few click.
  • Visit a location in our directory? Submit a review and let us know what you thought of the place.
  • See an error on the site? Drop us a note or suggest an edit via a brewery’s profile.

Our full year of a Chicago area beer a day posts have been archived on one page if you’re curious. The future of our blog includes some content we have been brainstorming about for months nows. The future of our directory is clear… we want you to Drink Where Your Beer Is Made.


– Jeremy Hylen & Joel Gratcyk