We, at Penultimate Brews, take the strongest possible stance against police brutality and systemic racism in all of its forms.

We shut down out site for the month of June as an act of solidarity to those who are unfairly treated by our society based on factors that have absolutely no bearing on their worth. People, no matter their heritage, skin color, or belief system, do not deserve to be treated as less than anyone else.

The work of others was what we wanted to spend June focused on. Some examples of this work for positive change in the beer realm includes, but it not limited to the Diverse Brewery MapCraft Beer For AllBeer Kulture, Brewing Change Collaborative, and “Black” Is Beautiful

The United States is in dire need of police reform. It is also in need of systemic change that will increase the equity of each of our citizens. We support the efforts of Black Lives Matter, The Bail ProjectReclaim The Block, and other groups that promote equity and positive change on behalf of those unfairly treated.

The work goes on and will continue for many years to come. We hope to continue to take part in it and be a positive influence over time as well. Cheers!